Why is connection important?

Connection for me 

I see it as about creating change for good in the world

Why is connection important?

 I believe that when we are feeling connection,  the energy created by that is powerful and  when its used for good , amazing things are  possible. I notice when I feel connected , I am feeling  creative and curious , and whatever I am doing feels like an experience rather than just accomplishing and completing a task. I find I am better able to find compassion for myself and others in times of challenge and the simple moments in daily life feel full.

Life has many types of experiences and quite a few of them are challenging.  It is through my own questions that I have explored many aspects of the mind body spirit relationship . What motivated me to create SOuL was to share the gems of what I and others have found can work to  create more ease with whatever life is presenting us .

Then the good stuff gets even yummier and the harder stuff becomes easier to process.

How SOuL Wellbeing hopes to influence that is through sharing the practices, information and skills  for self care that are relevant and useful for creating balance as best we can. There are options for one on one sessions,  workshops and retreats that can integrate the ways of connecting to what is most important to each of us in our own lives. Whether that is improved movement and relaxation in the body, mindfulness practices for improved positivity mindset or lifestyle choices to create the energy to do the things that bring us enjoyment.

I have seen from my observations of people over the past 22 years of clinical practice, that we all inside desire more time to be heartfelt with our kids, our partners, our work and our communities. We are open and generous people in truth and we love the world and would like to help make it better. Life is about balance, and our inner knowing is always giving us signals and information about our body, our health, our thinking . We have sometimes  become so habituated with allowing ourselves to motor on, push through to  get things done 

or to survive, that we have allowed the momentum to carry us into a place that is not healthy for us.

When I opened my first Wellness centre in 1997 in St Johns. I was enthusiastic about the opportunity to help people expand their lifestyle options so that they could enjoy a happy and healthy  life. Now 22 years later I am launching what has evolved from those years of private practice having worked with many people with many stories.

My new story is founded on my deepest desire for us to experience life with creativity, inspiration and possibility. Sounds dreamy but  in actuality it is not that hard, change is not as difficult as we often think, when we open ourselves to simple mindful things that we do often. Research in Neuroscience is showing us how the brain and nervous system are very open to new things and are  conditioned by what is repeated. 

What we do repeatedly creates the momentum that drives our experience. So now what?


When we understand how our mind and our body work , we can better choose the tools and actions that work. When we  create moments to  pause, we can see what it is that is working and what is not,either in the bigger picture or the moment to moment picture. 

When we stop we get to choose and in that lies our power. 

For me personally well being is found when I am connected to nature, moving my body or smelling horses.

When I am sharing in music events, good food, or helping others.

When I am able to listen to others and find compassion.

It is deep breaths of misty air, bright stars ,the taste of fresh berries , the spray of the ocean on a beach walk,

the sound a whale makes just before it blows


 All that just becomes bad weather, stressful relationships and a bad back when I am not connected . It is all a matter of perspective.

So we are in the moment , and now what?

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein

Susan has been working in wellness lifestyle and studying wellbeing since her early 20's. Her professional degrees are a Psychology  B.Sc. where she focused on Neuroscience followed by a Doctor in Chiropractic from CMCC. Her own journey in self care and mind body spirit practices have come from a wide range of experiences from training  as a national athlete to  yoga, working and operating in multidisciplinary and integrative medicine wellness centres , to the the wisdom shared by many mentors including meditation and mindfulness practices. The combination of her educational degrees ,clinical experience and the practical experiences of her personal lifestyle , allows Susan to share her skillset in safe and  effective ways. After  22 years of full time clinical practice she launched SOuL Wellbeing with the focus to share the practices for creative mindsets and the tools of self care that are relevant to todays busy and exciting world.

I have asked a lot of questions, travelled different places, shared experiences in sweat lodges, on glaciers, jungles, ashrams and coffee shops. What I have found is that life is fascinating when we connect to others and the planet.

My passion is to share what  I have found to be  useful tools to live daily life with connection through the  discharging  of daily stress , creating freedom in the body and facilitating cultures that can create the best possibilities for our selves and our loved ones. 

Outside of her work, Susan can be found as a barn rat humbly learning  to ride a horse  and happily mucking out a stall, hiking any trail and getting lost seeing a bit of the world with her travels.


Mindfullness Practices

are the simple tools that help us to appreciate the moment to moment experiences in our life. They act to remap the negativity bias of our brain and retrain our habitual responses that are not serving us to fell well.


Workshops and assessments

  Designed to educate , inform and empower positive change. They aim to help us to look at the bigger picture of our patterns . When we look outside the box just a bit and see what momentum we have going , we can discern and choose the best options for our goals and improvements . Especially when life throws us larger challenges and shifts .


Learning how our nervous system works

has the power to manage the direction of the momentum you create. Even when it seems we are far off the rails, the body and mind are very forgiving and can recover when we take new action, even in the most habituated stress patterns. We no longer need to build up stress and crash , we can balance it  as we go about our day and from that increase our enJOYment of everyday life .