The Vision of Soul Wellbeing is  to facilitate  Wellbeing  Cultures that  create connection

 to life

each other

and the planet

The Vision of Soul Wellbeing is  to facilitate  Wellbeing  Cultures that  create connection

 to life

each other

and the planet

The mission of SOuL : Creating Connection and a Community of Well People

To empower people with a healthy lifestyle  and  How You Take Care of You  

through Health assessments and Bodywork, workshops, and education on understanding stress responses  and the tools of a positivity mindset.

 To Create and share Unique Experiences and  Wellbeing Travel

that allows us to restore and re-connect us to the moment.

I created this website with a lot of information on it so it can be a resource as well as a place to connect to these ideas and services. Scroll through,  browse and see if anything catches your attention. I hope you enjoy the site and take a moment to drop us a  a line

Welcome to SOuL Wellbeing



What does Wellbeing mean to you?

To me it is when I feel most alive and am able to enjoy life in all its greatness and to  better cope with its challenges.  I find as I am able to learn a wider set of options I am empowered in my choices and  my wellbeing expands . My intention is to empower you in your recovery or to enhance your healthy lifestyle to create more of the wellbeing you are looking for.

Wellbeing Programs


How do you want to improve your health ? 

SOuL can help with How you Take Care of You

Let's come up with a plan. SOuL focuses on stress management skills through the SOuL Breath Method, Chiropractic assessments and Fascial Release therapies for body , Self care of your nervous system,  and tools that help with a  positivity mindset. 

Make the switch from problem to possibility

Events and Experiences


Check for wellness classes, 

Pop up events,


and Community Events.

 It s all about Connection!

 Soul also creates Unique and customized Experiences for you in collaboration with others.

What is possible?

When you are Inspired

Change is not as hard as we think when we have focus and a plan. Let's create a tool kit that allows a better experience of what is important to you.

When we do things that are fun and add connection

Lifestyle choices are not about giving things up . They are about choosing what allows us to feel better so we can create our life 

with clarity,  energy and enjoyment.

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Enhance wellbeing and Enrich your life with expanded possibility. What is possible?

SOuL Wellbeing

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